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Improving Educational and Career Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities in the Future Trend Program

This research brief is part of a series by the Social Impact Nudgeathon initiative. This initiative incorporated insights from behavioral economics into the design and delivery of social welfare programs. Developed through a partnership between the Joint Distribution Committee in Israel (JDC-Israel) and the Social Policy Institute (SPI) at Washington University in St. Louis, this initiative is among the first of its kind to launch in Israel. Working in close collaboration, research teams from the United States and Israel investigated whether using behavioral insights to make small changes in the delivery of social service programs in Israel and Russia would positively influence the outcomes of those programs.


Klein, Y., Elnathan, O., Barkai, M.I., Palachi, M., Halevy, A., Feingold, Y., Tikotsky, A., & Hochman, G. (2020). Improving educational and career opportunities for youth with disabilities in the Future Trend program (SPI Research Brief No. 20-03). Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis.