Behavioral Economics Nudgeathon – Next Steps and Using Behavioral Economics to Impact Policy and Practice

Date: January 3, 2019
Location: Joint Distribution Committee, Jerusalem, Israel
Description: Workshop

The Nudgeathon program aims to improve the performance of social services provided by the JDC by employing Behavioral Economics methodologies and tools. The main tool used is a “nudge.” Nudges are interventions designed to influence people’s behavior by subtly altering the choice architecture in which they make decisions without limiting their freedom of choice.

Nudgeathon teams comprise of existing JDC-government teams in which behavioral economics and social policy academics are embedded. The teams work for periods of 12-18 months in order to find and test nudge-based solutions to social policy problems.

This follow up event aims to understand the successes and opportunities for the Social Impact Nudgeathon held in April 2018.

Sponsored by the Joint Distribution Committee, Jerusalem, Israel