The Social Policy Institute strives to empower a new generation of social policy researchers, advocates, and leaders as well as support current professionals in the field. A key priority of the Institute is to provide students and change makers in public and private institutions with opportunities to grow their skills to understand, influence, and advance social policy solutions in their communities and organizational systems.

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Curriculum Development

SPI provides social policy course and curriculum development support for Washington University degree programs and faculty. Currently, the Institute collaborates with The Brown School’s Master of Social Policy program, and is exploring additional opportunities to develop courses and policy learning opportunities across Washington University.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The institute generates experiential social policy learning opportunities for students at Washington University. The Graduate Policy Scholars, led in collaboration with the Clark-Fox Policy Institute, is a unique policy capacity-building program that allows graduate students across the university to develop skills in advocacy, analysis, and activism; build knowledge of government processes and how to effect change; and engage with policymakers, civic leaders, and change agents.

Graduate students can apply for the program by completing an application by 5 p.m. on Sept. 18, 2020.

Graduate Policy Scholar program application

Workshops, Training & Seminars

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