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Supporting Inclusive Households in Building Financial Security

Supporting Inclusive Households

This event took place on Dec. 10, 2020. Watch a recording below.

Household financial situations play a significant role in individual, community and economic growth. In St. Louis and other cities across the United States, some resources and strategies meant to help households experience economic mobility instead, systematically exclude people.

The event, Supporting Inclusive Households, first discusses the current state of financial inclusion in St. Louis by looking at both historic and current policies and practices limiting or excluding households from gaining financial assets. A panel of community experts and leaders also discuss programs and policies that provide or support equitable opportunities to build wealth through financial capability building, accessibility to safe and affordable financial products, and pathways to homeownership.

Help Us Crowdsource Household Financial Security Resources

View resources discussed by speakers and crowdsourced from St. Louis residents and add your own using this living, editable document. Learn from it, share it, and use it to collaborate with others in the community. Additionally, view or add your ideas for more equitable policies that can help households build financial security.


This event is part of the Inclusive Growth in St. Louis event series that explores ways in which St. Louis can be more inclusive in its economy. These events are an opportunity for learning, as well as engagement and action. We look forward to hearing from attendees during the Q&A portion of the event and hope you’ll support more inclusive action by committing to our theory of change for St. Louis.

About Inclusive Growth In St. Louis Events

This 6-part event seriesInclusive Growth in St. Louis, will investigate who is left out of St. Louis’ economic growth benefits, the policies that have led to the unequal distribution of opportunities, and actionable recommendations to become a more inclusive economy.

The series is designed by an advisory committee comprised of local individuals that are passionate about building an inclusive community with equitable opportunities for all, and features community leaders as speakers. The series is made possible through a partnership with the Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.