Yung Chun

Yung Chun

Associate Director of Data Insight

Yung Chun (he/him/his) is an associate director of data insight for the Social Policy Institute, where he leads its Housing Initiatives. His main research is in the public policy field with a specific focus on the housing market and its policy in the U.S. As a policy scholar, his research areas cover a variety of societal issues that affect the formulation and implementation of social policy. His research projects have included investigating social issues such as housing, education, food insecurity, race, and public policy that affect and undermine the social mobility of the socioeconomically marginalized populations. To explore social issues and policy, he employs various quantitative data analysis tools, including advanced econometrics, machine learning, structural equation modeling, and spatial statistics.

He earned his Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management at The Ohio State University with concentrations in Housing Policy. Prior to starting his doctoral study, he studied architecture design (B.Arch. from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea) and urban planning (M.S.U.P. from Columbia University in New York City).

He enjoys running and playing Legend of Zelda and Mario Cart with his wife, Junghee, and his son, Nathan (Namu).

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