Yaniv Shlomo

Yaniv Shlomo

Data Analyst, Israel

Yaniv Shlomo (he/him/his) is a data analyst, Israel, at the Social Policy Institute. He has more than 15 years of experience in the research of social topics, specifically in the area of social-economic gaps in society. He is a data analyst for SPI Israel. Furthermore, he is responsible for the surveys process and architecture.
Before joining SPI, Yaniv was part of a research international team that consisted of universities and hospitals from the United States, Canada, Israel, and Europe. The team’s goal was to create a standardization for the diagnosis of medical problems and to predict risks in a fragile population.

And 7 years prior, Yaniv served as senior manager of the data analysis team at Dahaf Research Institute, Israel’s leading survey institute. During his work there, he participated in surveys that predicted the results of three of Israel’s prime ministerial elections, as well as surveys regarding the behaviors and social structures across a range of sectors in Israel. He also developed software for Israel railways, which analyzes data in order to identify and characterize the risk of accidents.
Yaniv can also brings experience in marketing and advertising. He worked as a marketing and CRM Projects manager, carried out market research on the effectiveness of advertising, and the implantation of a model for the evaluation of the efficiency of campaigns on customer behavior.

Yaniv is a graduate of Bar-Ilan University and Ben Gurion University and holds an MBA degree in Behavioral Sciences and Economics.

He is located in Israel, Tel Aviv, where he enjoys hiking trips and spiritual activities such as meditation, energy healing, and awareness workshops.