Ella Bokobza

Strategy and Partnerships Director, Israel

Ella Bokobza (she/her) is the strategy and partnerships director, Israel, at the Social Policy Institute. She is currently based in Israel and works to develop the Institute’s global partnerships with people, communities and organizations. In her role, she leads the development of SPI’s global initiatives and supports global research dissemination. 

Ella received an MBA in social leadership from Ben Gurion University (in partnership with Mandel Leadership Institute). Before working with the Institute, she worked as head of Marketing and Business Development at Vayomar, a global boutique consulting firm, and as an emissary for the Jewish community in St. Louis. 

Ella is also the founder of two social initiatives, one for lone soldiers-new immigrants in Israel and another that creates financial education for young adult women. In her free time, Ella enjoys hiking outdoors, practicing yoga or curling up on the couch and watching Grey’s Anatomy.