Evaluating the impact of Ascend STL on family mobility

Research Agenda

The Mobility Connection Evaluation is a survey of households with Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) who moved to higher-opportunity neighborhoods in St. Louis with assistance from Ascend, STL. Ascend, STL is an organization that partners with the St. Louis Housing Authorities to increase housing choice and facilitate high opportunity moves for households receiving Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8). Since the beginning of its Mobility Connection program in 2017, Ascend has successfully moved several families to neighborhoods with less poverty and less concentrated subsidized housing. The Mobility Connection Evaluation is a survey of participating households to determine the quality of life changes these households have experienced after relocating. There are two primary aims of the Mobility Connection Evaluation. First, the evaluation assesses the perspectives of household heads on how their lives have changed since moving to a higher-opportunity neighborhood. Survey questions ask about changes in perception of neighborhood and housing quality, health, financial wellness, subjective well-being, and the quality of life for children in the household. Second, the evaluation assesses overall satisfaction with the Mobility Connection program. Evidence from the evaluation will help Ascend improve the Mobility Connection program and serve a case study of an established mobility program.

Housing Initiatives