Free Online Course: Data for Social Impact

We are all data people, and no matter how you interact with data, you can learn to leverage it to increase impact in your organization. This free online course will help you improve your impact by cultivating collaborative, equitable, community-centered data practices.

The Data for Social Impact free online course is designed using community feedback from public roundtable events, through collaborations with leaders from diverse organizations and roles across the St. Louis social sector, and in consultation with national leaders in the field of data for social impact. Sign up for the course to join the conversation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course require a lot of technical data skills?
This course does not teach or require technical data skills. Instead, we focus on building equitable data practice to understand how this practice can enhance equitable impact.

Who is this course for?
We believe that everyone is a data person! This course is built to help social sector leaders learn how they can build skills and capacity in their organizations to use data to create social impact.

How much does this course cost?
It’s free! This course is supported by Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, and built in collaboration with the Social Policy Institute at Washington University, an advisory committee, the St. Louis Regional Data Alliance, and

What does building capacity, equitable data practice, and building stewardship mean?
We know there are a lot of words to describe “data practice” and it is confusing! That’s why throughout our modules we have real people from the social sector talking about the issues they face in their organizations when using data, and how they overcome it. Check out our first module to learn more!