Data for Social Impact (DSI)

Data for Social Impact (DSI) is an initiative that builds data capacity and collaboration among St. Louis social sector organizations working to increase impact for and with the communities they serve. This initiative is supported by Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, and built in collaboration with an advisory committee, the St. Louis Regional Data Alliance, and

Data can be a powerful tool, particularly in the social sector, with unique opportunities and challenges alike. For example, the majority of available data-focused resources are designed to build technical skills. Fewer resources are designed to build capacity around elements of responsible data use or strategies for utilizing data to impact people’s lives and promote equitable outcomes. The DSSI initiative is working to develop a set of free, accessible training and programming opportunities tailored to the priorities and needs of social sector organizations seeking to build capacity in these areas.

“Whether or not you think you’re working with data, data is impacting you. Data is being collected that speaks to your job, that speaks to your caseload, or that speaks to your clients if you’re doing direct service capacity. There are opportunities to use data thoughtfully and strategically, no matter what your role is.”

Samantha Stangl, Data Analyst, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, WashU Alum

Past Events

In 2022, we hosted monthly learning events which we turned into a curriculum on equitable data practices for the social sector. Check out the conversations we had based on the topics suggested by social sector colleagues just like you!