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COVID-19 Information Center

As people around the world grappled with shifting their behaviors to avoid the spread of COVID-19, Center researchers offered insights and practical tips to successfully change behavior such as limiting face touching and navigate difficult conditions like isolation and stress. In spring 2020, the Center shared important knowledge and advice through 12 articles and features in national media.  

Highlights include:

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Healthcare Provider Behavior Change

This study explored the state of evidence regarding interventions to change provider behavior in health or behavioral health settings. Findings from the systematic literature review were published by the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice in February 2021.

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Key findings included:

  • Successful single-component interventions included highly engaging tailored sessions, follow-up opportunities, and credible training leadership.
  • Paired with the right communication approaches, multifaceted interventions encouraged provider behavior changes, although not as successfully as single-component.
  • Acceptance of interventions amongst providers varied depending on the duration of the training and audience size. Findings suggest that the duration of training does not need to be a certain length for providers to respond positively, but that required training should remain concise while providing adequate information.
  • Financial incentives alone were not the main factor for changes in provider behavior. Many providers emphasized the importance of delivering quality care over personal gains.

These findings will inform stakeholders, including policymakers and health care administrators, and providers to develop sustainable behavior interventions to improve healthcare for all. It will require stakeholders to advocate for tailored multi-step interventions utilizing multiple collaborative resources.