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Elevating Community Voice in Data Collaboration Practices

This event took place on Friday, Oct. 1, 2021.

How can we meaningfully include community voices when working with data in the St. Louis social sector? Speakers started conversations about this question at the event hosted by the Social Policy Institute’s Data Science for Social Impact initiative.

The event explored processes designed to center community voices in social sector/non-profit data collaboration and exchange. Sarah Kennedy from Generate Health presented the organization’s experience designing and implementing community data sessions, highlighting the experiences of both facilitators and participants. The sessions are also used to incorporate community input into data visualizations and narratives about maternal and infant health in the St. Louis region.

Watch the event recording to learn more about the conversations.

Data Science for Social Impact is an initiative of the Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis that builds data capacity among social sector organizations to increase impact in the St. Louis region. This initiative is built in partnership with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and in collaboration with the St. Louis Regional Data Alliance and