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Creating Inclusive Access to Education, Training & Technology

This 2-day event has passed. Watch a recording of our webinar, panel or see below.

About this Event

Creating Inclusive Access to Education, Training & Technology makes the case for expanding meaningful and equitable opportunities for youth, women and people of color to explore and develop the skills desired for high-quality jobs in St. Louis. During the event, speakers will discuss the need for multiple sectors to collaborate and proactively invest time, talent and treasure to create a diverse workforce pipeline in St. Louis early and often.

This event took place over two days, Feb. 10 and Feb. 11, 2021. The first day we set the foundation of our conversation by identifying challenges in the St. Louis community, then on day two our panelists discussed solutions for these issues from various sectors in our community.

Day One: Webinar – Laying a foundation (Feb. 10)

Day one of the event set the foundation for our conversation by identifying the challenges our community faces in creating inclusive opportunities throughout St. Louis. The conversation featured organizations working in the areas of talent development for youth and girls, adults, and people with disabilities as programmatic examples for inclusion.

Day 1 Speakers:

Presentation Slides:

Day Two: Panel – Finding solutions (Feb. 11)

Day two of the event was solutions-focused. The conversation featured a panel of representatives from various sectors discussing strategies to create more intentional and equitable access to education, training and technology in our community. The event concluded with action steps attendees can implement.


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About Inclusive Growth In St. Louis Events

This 6-part event series, Inclusive Growth in St. Louis, investigates who is left out of St. Louis’ economic growth benefits, the policies that have led to the unequal distribution of opportunities, and actionable recommendations to become a more inclusive economy.

The series is designed by an advisory committee comprised of local individuals who are passionate about building an inclusive community with equitable opportunities for all, and features community leaders as speakers. The series is made possible through a partnership with the Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.