Graduate Policy Scholars 2021-2022 cohort expands university reach

The Graduate Policy Scholars program kicked off its fifth year with a cohort spanning the Washington University in St. Louis campus. Fifty-seven students were invited to participate in this year’s program. While originally founded as a program for Brown School students, SPI has helped to expand the program across the university, with nearly 1/3 of […]

Roundtable Recap: Mapping Your Data Impact Journey

How can social sector organizations use data to increase their impact, and how can they ensure that impact will lead to equitable outcomes? These are guiding questions addressed in our roundtable series hosted by the Social Policy Institute’s Data Science for Social Impact initiative, which kicked off on October 20, 2021, and continues through November […]

15 Actionable Strategies to Embrace Inclusive Leadership

Speakers at the Inclusive Growth in St. Louis event series on Sept. 23 identified 15 strategies to proactively support and amplify diverse voices and perspectives as discussed by the speakers at the event.